Sales of the plate will generate funding for non-lethal means to prevent and reduce conflicts the involve wolves. Sales are expected to generate $2.5 M to this end from July 2023 through June 2026 and $700 K annually beyond that!

No other state has such funds available to promote coexistence with wolves.

Credit for conceiving, designing, and bringing the plate life goes to the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project (www.rockymountainwolfproject.org).  This is, of course, the same organization that TESF helped spearhead so many years ago.

RMWP is turning its attention to promoting the plate and underlying values of coexistence, while maintaining vigilance over the state’s use of funds raised via sales. RMWP is committed to ensuring that the plate contributes to Colorado’s ascension as a world class leader in carnivore conservation.

The license plate is but one reason that TESF remain bullish on the wolf’s future in Colorado.