Senior Biological Technician

Eric joined Turner Biodiversity in 2011 as a seasonal member of the Native Cutthroat Trout Conservation Initiative. Beginning in 2015 Eric assumed a full time role on the TBD team as the Senior Biological Technician. This role has expanded his focus to include working with a suite of native fishes, some amphibians, and their habitats on Turner properties in New Mexico, Nebraska, and Montana.  When the streams harden up during the colder winter months, Eric assists several ranches with their annual Bison round-ups.  The diversity of organisms and environments that are found on the working lands of Turner ranches is what Eric finds most stimulating about the efforts of TBD.

As a graduate from The University of Montana, Eric has received two B.A.’s in Environmental Science and Geography in 2010. Prior to his time with TBD, Eric conducted fisheries work for Montana Fish & Wildlife, Idaho Game & Fish, the U.S. Forest Service, Cooke Aquiculture and the Watershed Education Network.  Eric often does not venture too far from the water when not working, and can be found fishing for anything that will bite.