We bet you’ve never heard bison described as “muses for social change,” but that’s exactly what’s happening at Ted’s Montana Grill. This week Mountain Journal interviewed Ted’s Montana Grill co-founder George McKerrow to learn how the restaurant catalyzed an industry-wide shift toward sustainability.

Aside from creating an appetite and market for bison, a species that fosters the health of soils and native grasses, the restaurant has set a new standard in doing good, both ecologically and economically. McKerrow told author Todd Wilkinson that restaurant goers may be aware of some efforts – including using paper straws and 100% compostable to-go cups and cutlery made from cornstarch and tapioca – but many happen behind the scenes.

“Every year we’re trying to do better. Last year alone, Ted’s Montana Grill as a company helped convert four million gallons of grease into bio-diesel. Something simple, like using recycled butcher block paper on our table as an alternative to linen tablecloths, saved 1.5 million gallons of water.  Sorting on site enabled us to keep 336,000 pounds of food organics from going into local landfills and 370 tons of material were kept out of landfills due to recycling.”

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