Recently, we collaborated with Mountain Journal, an important outlet for journalism about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (www.mountainjournal.org), to develop a short film entitled True Wild.

True to its name, the film celebrates the majesty of the Flying D Ranch, the outstanding and longstanding work of wolf biologist Val Asher, and, most importantly, Ted’s vision of land ownership based on a purposefully blending of conservation and commerce.

The film does justice to all three.  It stands as yet another example of our redoubling of efforts to draw attention to the historic work of Team Turner in an attempt to recruit others to the cause of endangered species conservation.

To view the Mountain Journal article and film, click on the following link: True Wild: The Real Story Of Wolves On Ted Turner’s Montana Ranch (mountainjournal.org)

We plan to host the video on our websites, as well as share on social media. Please feel free to share with others.

We hope you enjoy it.