Ted Turner was interviewed on “CBS Sunday Morning” by Ted Kopple, sharing his wisdom on family, balancing commerce and conservation, and never giving up.



Any list of the legends of American business would have to include the name Ted Turner.  Bold and frequently controversial, Turner was very much a disrupter in his prime. But time and age have put him in a reflective mood, as Senior Contributor Ted Koppel found, when he visited Turner at his Montana ranch:


You need a wide lens on your camera to capture the many sides of Ted Turner, especially out on his sprawling, 113,000-acre ranch outside Bozeman, Montana.


Riding on horses together, Koppel asked Turner, “You ever ride your whole property here?”


“No, but I’ve ridden quite a bit of it,” he replied.


“You’ve always been a bit of a dreamer, haven’t you?”


“Well, a lot of my dreams have come true!”


“60 Minutes” has been covering the fulfillment of Turner’s dreams for almost 40 years. In 1979, Harry Reasoner made the following observation about Turner: “He’s just convinced he can do anything he’s set out to do.  And so far, he’s been right.”


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